Beds and More

Hari OM
Spring cleaning? Time for fresh linen? Duvet covers can make a bedroom seem new again. Matching or contrasting pillows boost the look!

To the right you see
Re Chorch And Ism

To the left you see
Sannyassi Solitary


Hari OM
As mentioned, have been going a bit round the twist with mandalas! They are just so - endless...

Retrondala Cartouche is one of my personal faves.

SiRennie is named for no particular reason

...and then there's a bit of Frippery

It's a Not

Hari OM
Have been going a bit crazy with the mandalas of late... why not eh? They are pretty, they are easily tiled for large patterning, they are colourful, they are happy-making... am I right, or not?

Red Not Green

Aqua Not Blue

Zanzir Bazaardom

Hari OM
One of my favourite things to do, particularly with the mandalas, is to change the colour-ways on the one design. Managed three good varieties for the Zanzir series... click the image names to jump to the sales pages.




Ten Days To Tipperary

Hari OM

Ireland, it is said, is made up of forty shades of green. Not quite that many here, but I had fun with colours anyway!

Have always loved making mandalas, and these digitally produced ones are coming out pretty well - they also tile very nicely to give all-over patterns. Click here to see all the products with this design on them.

Smart Cover

Hari OM

I've seen folk with some snazzy shells on their smartphones... not all of my designs at RedBubble work for their shells, but some do... and this one I made specific to purpose.


Hari OM
Have been getting into making mandalas again. The look good as stand-alones and also tile up well for a repetitive pattern.

Take NOTCHERY (ruby and grey) and TWITCHERY (black, red, white), for example...

Ultimate Vegetarian

Hari OM
Cattle are - the ultimate vegetarians. They are also the main symbol of respect for life which motivates many to a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Make a statement. Stickers, mugs, tee shirts...